Why can’t I get you out of my head?
Why can’t I not remember you?
Why do I see your face in every other guy’s?
Why does my mind play only memories of you?
It’s hard thinking of nothing but you
It’s even harder cos these songs remind me of you
When the song comes on
All I hear is your voice singing along
Your smile as you sing along
The way your eyes dance as you hum the lines
The steadiness and easy sway as you dance to them
The heavenly deep throated hum
It’s funny how I finally get to write about love and it’s not about trying to find you
Or about finally finding you and wanting you never to leave
It’s about getting you and having to watch you leave
Help me to forget you
This torture is more than I can bear
Help me to let go
Why can’t I forget you?
Why can’t I not remember you?


Day 29: Aminat

nostalgic words of future me

November 2012 decided to leave taking my mum with it. Someone I had just started bonding fully with. She was gone and nothing would bring her back. And Oh did mankind deal us a terrible blow too. Fast forward- December 2012 and my resolutions were: Care less (People aren’t worth it)  And be a lot less responsible (I always was that person who’d give her arm and leg for someone else’s work even as I died while doing it). Oh yeah, try passing all your exams in January.

January came and passed and so did 2013. No…. I did not pass my exams and No again, I did not become less responsible. Although, I did become cold, distant and lived behind walls. Growing up for me was fast…this whole thing made me wife and mother before I could blink.

2014 was “DIFFERENT”. Everything was different. Everything that could have…

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