Day 29: Aminat

nostalgic words of future me

November 2012 decided to leave taking my mum with it. Someone I had just started bonding fully with. She was gone and nothing would bring her back. And Oh did mankind deal us a terrible blow too. Fast forward- December 2012 and my resolutions were: Care less (People aren’t worth it)  And be a lot less responsible (I always was that person who’d give her arm and leg for someone else’s work even as I died while doing it). Oh yeah, try passing all your exams in January.

January came and passed and so did 2013. No…. I did not pass my exams and No again, I did not become less responsible. Although, I did become cold, distant and lived behind walls. Growing up for me was fast…this whole thing made me wife and mother before I could blink.

2014 was “DIFFERENT”. Everything was different. Everything that could have…

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