This was my entry for a 200-word short story gig sometime back. Enjoy.


I’m literarily sitting across my future…I hope I don’t blow it.

Everything I planned has led up to this moment. There are only two results: take this to the next level or ruin all I have been blessed with for the past three years…the laughter….the best friend I could ever wish for.

 I am sitting across the person that has become my best friend in three years. I want to ask her to take things further with me.  Even though I promised her we would never become those friends who ruined things with a relationship.

“Omoshalewa, I need you in my life.” I say.

“I’m already in your life, silly.” She says to me.

“Not how I want you to be. I want something more serious. “

My Salewa’s eyes grow wide and then I see what I have been dreading.


I can’t believe Dotun just asked me to be his girlfriend. I was beginning to get really comfortable in this friend zone. I just said no. Things are better this way.

Sadly I really do like him but I am too scarred to venture into a relationship. I can’t accept this beautiful bitter-sweet proposition. He knows why my heart has become a restricted zone. I can’t afford to let anyone in.


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