Dear Next,

I most likely would be the most annoying, crazy and stubborn person you’d ever meet. Oh! I should also mention that I could be weird sometimes…okay make that most times. I’m the kinda chic that prefers hot tea when it’s sunny and loves chewing on ice when it’s cold.Plus did I mention my love for garri is out of this world.

Notice how my “baggage” comes before anything else? Well that’s because I want an “Us” that’s well aware of our downsides and thrives in spite of it – An Us that grows in spite of our differences..an Us worth fighting for. I can’t wait find out what your baggage(s) is(are) !

Perfection is only an illusion so you can be rest assured that is not what I’m looking for. We can’t be perfect but we’d be just right!

I’m waiting for you. No more “let’s manage this dude till the real one comes along”. I really don’t know how this wait would play out or how long it would take but I really can’t wait to be with you…to argue and make up..to have fun and be crazy without any awkwardness…to have a “who soak garri pass” contest with you.

I want to be your friend, your companion, your confidant…your “bro”(That way it’d be You and I over hoes)…and no not bro in the literary bro-zone way. Wanna be my Ted and I your Robin?

We’d listen to each other’s crazy thoughts and not feel awkward about the crazies. My crazy circle is incomplete without you. My friends are looking forward to meeting that last part of our crazy circle….the one person that got through to Meenah.

So you’d best start downing coffee and energy drinks in advance to last those nights we’d stay up just talking crazies.I’ve had enough caffeine to last a lifetime but then again we don’t need stimulants. A mix of the strongest of coffees, the best of energy drinks and the stiffest of liquors can’t match our love..Our 

love would keep us up listening.

So even though I might not have met you yet, I love you. And if per chance I have met you and for some reason you’re in one of these crazy little zones guys I meet seem to find themselves in, you’ll find your way out.I believe you’ll break free..for us.

Yours in all weirdness ,craziness and love,

The Next you’ll never let go of. 



Hi guys!
it’s been forever since my last post on here and it hurts. I just didn’t think final year could be so stressful. not that it is a valid excuse tho.

I’ve been everywhere but here and I feel ashamed that I haven’t kept to this part of my plan of action. for the year. but better late yeah?
I’m back now tho. no more on and off. infact the first post comes in right about now….