On Graduating and Getting married

So about three months ago, I officially graduated from Oba Awon University (Obafemi Awolowo University for those who don’t know). While I am technically not officially a graduate because convocation isn’t until next year, I’m done with everything that has to do with reading and cramming for exams. (aww thanks for congratulating me…you’re far too kind).
I’ve been with family…all grades and levels of them for these past months and I tell you it’s been hell. Hell because the only thing I keep hearing is marriage.
“when do we meet your boyfriend, Mayowa?” or “So when are we meeting the fiancé?” or the worst variation “Igba wó lo ma mu Oko wale?” (for those who don’t understand Yoruba, it means when are you bringing The husband home).
To be very honest, I’m tired of hearing this. And although I smile until my facial muscles get tired of smiling, deep down I really don’t get why my greatest achievement in life has to be getting hooked to a man.
Don’t get me wrong, getting married is a big deal and is ONE of the achievements in anyone’s life. But I don’t think the sole purpose of my existence should be getting hooked. And I’m sure a lot of people feel this way too.
A person’s life goes beyond getting hooked. There are dreams to be accomplished… Set goals to be met…A lot more than these pages can contain.
So, no. Marriage is not the most important thing on the list right now. And whilst I do hope to get hooked to some amazing, super patient, adorable guy some day, my life does not have to come to a halt because I just finished a B.Sc program.

Feel free to share your thoughts on graduating and getting married right there in the comment box 🙂TwImg-20140708-151213


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