Rolling out 2014- My “Keepsakes”

This is the season everyone is thinking of what they’re not pleased with. New year resolutions and what not…New year new year … get my point,yes?
For me, 2014 was different…in every way…things changed..shit happened..shit hit the fan but we tank da Lord. Even with all that happened, there are some things I still wish would remain. So NO, this is not a long list of what I find totally and completely worth changing in my life but rather a compilation of all the things I want to remain, new year or not.
P.S: it took me days to compile this list. Not because of lack of things to keep but because I didn’t know which to remove. YES! I’m Awesome like that 😀

1- ME: Why me? Because epic epicness (I read this somewhere and it just stuck). Everything else might seem like a subset of this, because I am all of those things. The important thing here is the vessel carrying all of that epicness. I am one of the most amazing people I know, end of story. And I’m not in a rush to change that just yet.
2-SELFLESSNESS: I always have been that person who would give all I had up for someone else even though I need them to survive. I could dedicate all of my time and energy and resources to someone else’s project even at the expense of mine or my education or what not. I tried leaving this part of me behind at some point…I did not like the result at all. So let’s just say, we’re back in business. This baby is not leaving me anymore.
3- PESTY NATURE: While I can be sweet and adorable and what-have-you, I can also be as annoying as hell. I am a world renowned pest. It is just hilarious seeing how people’s faces get when I pester them. I know some people want to kill me cos I’m a pest. I love you too guys, Join the long queue of those who want to kill me.
4-STRENGTH: The past years have been serious trial periods. The only reason I haven’t completely fallen apart is this. After my mum and a good friend of mine, I think I could say I’m the only other person I know with this much strength. My ability to just hold things together when shit hits the fan and not even show a sign of weakness still beats me to this day. The downside of this? I hardly let people in. I like to “deal with things” myself and it ends up looking like I’m shutting people out even though that is not the intention. We’re working on that though.
5- MY SMILE: Along with this strength comes the smile. Good, bad, downright ugly? The smile still remains. Whatever the situation is, that smile just helps me get it together. A lot of times, the smile covers all the hurt and anger and pain and whatever on the inside. To all those with soothing smiles like mine, don’t leave that for anything in the world.
6- THE CRAZE: Some people would argue from now till tomorrow I don’t have a crazy persona. If only they knew. My craze never reach some people but kai! If you didn’t already know, you don’t want to see me in my element. And to make matters worse, God decided to bless me with crazy-ass friends. I love you guys! And I won’t trade you off for nada. (Scratch the second part…I’d sell you off for a kobo)
7-MY GIFTS: I write…I sing (well I can)…I’m an amazing actress (yes again)…I sew (well we’re still a work in progress)…I can make people’s hair in my sleep ( I even make my hair myself from time to time)…I’m a Jack of all trades..only that I’m a master of ALL. Is there anything I can’t do? Hmm…I’m probably working on being able to do it 😀
These things mean everything to me and if there’s anything I’m taking into the new year, these have to be it. There’s a longer list but let’s just leave it at this. I don’t want to come across as proud :D.

What are those things you want to take into 2015? Do share them with us…use the comment box


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