1998: “E gbe mi sile o…E stop kini yii” I always laugh when I remember her screaming these words as the roller coaster at the Amusement Park, Apapa went up high. She was scared of heights and this roller coaster was a terrible idea.
November 7, 2012: I’d forever remember her words to me. “You don’t pray for me do you? When last did you?”
November 13,2012: There she was…lying still…not breathing, not moving. The very last time I would be setting eyes on her. The only thing I could think of is why? Why now? Why her?
If I had known the last time I would see alive was when I went to the hospital, I would have spent every single moment after with her. I would have damned my MTH test and just stayed by her side.
But that’s not all I remember when I think of my mum. I think of how amazing she was in life and how amazing she is in death.2 years after she’s passed, I’m still waiting for that one person that has something against her.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying she was an angel. She had her own good and bad days but she was the epitome of everything good. Wonderful wife, amazing mum, adoring sister, loving daughter, Patient and understanding nurse…what else is there?
I remember her working me to the bones on some things I thought were not important and she kept saying I would understand in future. I was hurt and angry at why I had so much pressure on my neck. Well I do now. In the last 2 years I’ve been dealt blows I never thought I would ever be dealt and I’m out stronger ,thanks to her. Yes, I have wife, a mother and home maker added to my title now, not just that dreamy kid with a pen and paper.
She taught me to be selfless. To listen. To be the greatest gift the world has. To hold fast to your faith. I can’t even finish the list of all she taught me.
Do I wish she lived longer? Maybe. I would have given my right arm and leg to spend more time with her. Death took her away just when we started bonding- not as mother and daughter but as friends.
But looking at it from another angle, Maybe her leaving was just best. I couldn’t stand her going through any more pain.
I wish she had spent much more time with us. We all hurt just remembering her. I wish she had enjoyed life and living. Her selflessness would not let her address her own comfort before other people’s. All that unfortunately is wishful thinking.
I do pray she’s at peace and that Allah grants her Jannah and protects her from the torment of the grave.
I love you mum. No words of poetry or beautifully constructed lines can explain how much I love and miss you.


4 thoughts on “UNSUNG HERO

  1. Sonia says:

    Everything they say happens for a reason, sometimes it just so hard near impossible even to fathom why…God Rest her Soul.

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