Episode 8:

Sorry I didn’t show up. I might have passed out or something. I haven’t slept properly in days. You do understand don’t you? I hope you’re safe. Wemimo’s back and he really wants to meet you to discuss this mess. You’d get a mail from him pretty soon. That aside, let’s meet tonight. Same place. I’ll make it this time…I promise.

It’s amazing to finally meet with you. If only the circumstamces surrounding our meeting was right…like we were just hanging out or something. I hope we scale through this hurdle…I really hope we do.
That aside, they really need to school those peeps that work at eateries on manners o. Haba! See the way they were staring…especially the fair chic and her friend. Even if you want to look at anyone, don’t stare! Rule #1 of the art of lookery. Or could they have been asked to spy on us? Nah! I think not.
Still haven’t gotten Wemimo’s mail…should I call him instead?

Hi. I’m Wemimo….Fola’s probably told you about me… I wish we met under better circumstances but here we are. Thank you for being there for Fola. She thinks so higghly of you! If it were possible she would have asked permission from you everytime we’re supposed to go on a date.
I’m not much of a mail-person like you guys. Just thought to send one first so one “strange-guy” won’t just be calling you.I hope you don’t mind that I got your number from Fola.
She really needs us…I fear this thing is way deep-rooted than we see. Everyday I feel something just isn’t right…doesn’t feel right. I’ve been trying to get her to see a pshychologist but she just wouldn’t “see a shrink who’d act like he knows her better than she does herself”. I’ll keep trying but I think she’ll listen to you. I hope she does.

Tobi dear…how are you? Wemimo said he mailed u. Don’t even think of talking me into the shrink business. I’ve made up my mind. No one is going to have me on a couch screwing with my mind…ooh-ing and aahing to my every statement without saying anything meaningful. I can come to conclusions myself without anyone ooh-ing me.


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