Episode 7

Why aren’t you replying my mails? This is not the right time for you to go MIA on me…I beg you please come to my aid! It’s all coming back…Everything!
 Wait! Are you alright? Oh my God! I hope you’re fine! I hope nothing has happened to you! Oh Lord! Is this nightmare still going on?  Oh my God! Please just let me know if you’re fine! Or has he gotten to you? He said he’d kill whoever I tell…oh Lord! Why?! I have to tell Wemimo..He has to be prepared for whatever comes. I just put two people that matter the most to me into this mess! I’m sorry..I hope you’re fine…Call me as soon as possible. 08086297321

I’m still waiting for your reply or at least a call. I need to know you’re safe. Please put my mind at ease.  I told Wemimo everything already and I hope he’d heed my warning. I just need to know you’re okay.  I’m half-hoping he doesn’t know I told you. There’s no way that bastard’ll know..its not possible..except ..Oh my God! Except he’s monitoring my mails! Oh Lord! I’m just being paranoid..but the possibility! Please get in touch ASAP

Its Fola. I had to create a new mail account on the off-chance my fears are real and that evil demon is still watching me. What he still comes to rape me every night and I don’t know it? It happened in Dean Koontz’s ‘False memory’.  The psychologist raped the lady without her knowing..she only woke up feeling sore the next morning. I’m being paranoid again..but what if?
I need someone with me. Wemimo’s gone cos he had to although he had me move to his place. I had to pretend I was fine. I don’t want him leaving his job on my account. I’ve put him through enough as it is. Call me. No! Don’t! He might be monitoring my calls..I’ll call..just give me your number.

Why aren’t you replying?

I’ve cried my eyes out already. I can only hope you’re fine and for some reason aren’t replying. I’m sorry I did this to you. You were such a great friend but I failed you. I pulled you into this mess with me. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry..please come back

I’m going crazy thinking things here. Restore my sanity. Be fine!

I’m sorry.

This can’t be just can’t.

I’m sorry I left you hanging for so long. I think I might be in trouble. Abduction isn’t the case here so I don’t know what it is. I’m free…I’m with my phone, my purse and I have all the freedom. That isn’t normal. But I have no idea how I got to this place and I can’t remember anything that happened these past days.
You still don’t remember the person that did this to you? I need you to try to remember so we’d know how powerful he is. We need to know who and what we’re dealing with here. I already escaped.  Even though I’m wondering why they’d abduct someone and not watch over her. We need to see each other now. No more online contacts alone. I’m heading towards Ogba. Let’s meet at KFC.We need to talk..I would have preferred Wemimo be there but we have to deal with this now so we can’t wait for me. I’ll never leave your side no matter what.


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