Episode 5:

LMFAO…again LMFAO….I’m literally laughing my flat ass out here o..WHAT?!  So you clawed  the poor dude that was only trying to help you? Haha…Lool at the Mother Gagool part…so you remember that witch in Binta My daughter (or is it Binta and friends? I forget). My nails are actually long claws…I pity the dude that tries shit with me when I have them on.
Lesson 1: NEVER in the history of Ever talk a walk in white pants! Sweetie, white and walks spell one thing DISASTER!
2: Not everyone is out to get you you know. You are too paranoid,dear. Why do you feel the world’s out to get you? I really wanna know. Plus, I’m pretty sure someone tried to tell you you had China’s map on your butt but the music was too loud…I know the feeling cos I take walks too (even though it has been a while)
So now you’ve told your Pocahontas story, don’t we deserve to know him better ni? No name, no details..hian!! You be terrible storyteller o! That sweet story and we don’t know anything about Prince Charming except he’s nice. Hope he’s not one of those gate men that call themselves GM o?! Gimme details pronto!
I totally get the “I know when a guy likes me” feeling..some of us are lucky to have that huh gift?…. I’m wondering…What are you scared of? What is pushing you away? What is making you hold back?
I KNOW you are ready to take things a notch higher with him…you already look like you’re making progess..Let your heart lead the way this time. Give your heart a chance. For the first time in your life trust your heart.
 In other news, I got good news as well! (Okay that didn’t make any sense but whatever). I took your advice and took a really long walk. I totally dig what you were saying. Morning walks….BLISS! And this time I didn’t just walk, I paid attention to mother nature ( maybe because a little part of me wanted. Your Pocahontas experience…but I should add I was smart enough to put on black pants :p). Then I realised the greatest inspiration anyone can have is from nature. I don’t know if it was the walk or if I was on my way towards recovery. But YES…for the first time in so long, my designs made sense!  I’m so proud of the sketches,I’m planning to relaunch myself into the fashion world properly! (My binge eating and wallowing in self-pity is fast reducing by the way…I’ve even started with the fruitarian diet plan). But for now I’m taking it one sketch at a time..who knows? You just might be wearing me for your wedding with Prince Charming.

I’m really sorry I left that part out. Name’s Wemimo, he’s into PR/Fashion Journalism (well he’s really into a mix of God knows what..bits and pieces of every little job. Dude even does voice-overs!) …Say! I should introduce you guys since you’re keen on getting back into the fashion world. I can only imagine his excitement when I tell him you’re planning on making a come-back! Hope you don’t mind I already told him about you? I just gave him a brief description of what we’ve got going. I don’t want him to know too much about me in too little time…I feel if we rush it we would run out of things to talk about cos I have a very boring life )
I’m scared though…He’s reaching out far too fast for me to handle. Left to him we should be talking every other hour ( I wonder what he sees in my boring talks o…abi he’s up to something ni?).
I do want to see him everyday but we have to consider his work and the fact that I only have nights to myself.  Plus I’m really scared I’m going too fast (I said this a million times already). I should stop whining and live each moment as it comes.
I’m happy you’re getting yourself back…heck! I’m glad we’re both making progress…having someone to talk to rocks! I’m gonna buy you an amazing size 10 dress when I see you (10 is your target right?).. And I would love. To have you design my wedding gown even if the wedding happens when I’m 80 and without teeth.

I’m really sorry I bailed on you these past days…it’s like I’ve been lost these days…I would love to meet Wemimo someday and work with him…just get something solid going on okay? Do it for you!
I just drank to the progress we’re making. Yes! I’m looking at a 10. I keep surprising myself… I see designs in everything..from crumpled paper to the folds in the curtains at my place. I love this life!
I found one of my old diaries…I plan on digging into it one of these days..its even got some of my old sketches. Oh my! I just had a flash of something genius! Bye love!


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