Episode 4:

I know I just met him and I really shouldn’t get my hopes up but I strangely feel safe with him. I can’t remember when last I was actually this free with a guy.
I should have known something good was going to come into my life. For some reason, I noticed everything (which I could say has never happened before)…the world around me..the birds…the sky… (I was lucky enough to see the beautiful sunrise and the radiance of the morning sun)…the sounds…I felt like Pocahontas! I could almost hear the wind’s voices! (Lol at the fact that I think I met my “John Smith” that day…I hope his fate doesn’t end like the original Smith who lost Pocahontas).
 That morning I needed air…I needed to feel nature so I decided to take a walk…a really long walk. And since it was like Mother nature was smiling down on me I felt almost angelic hence my choice of attire. The raining season is long gone, I thought, no need to worry about mud or dirty water. So I wriggled into a pair of fitted white denim shorts (which turned out to be a terrible choice) paired with this short pink top I hadn’t worn in a while (yet another terrible choice) and I started walking.
I don’t know if you’ve ever tried walking early in the morning…if you haven’t then you should. The way the cool breeze goes into every little crevice of your body and mind is pure bliss! Headphones on, sneakers on and mind miles away, I walked on…oblivious to anything that wasn’t my thoughts, music or nature. Then it happened.
About fourty five minutes into my walk (I’m sure about the time because I had just checked)  and goodness knows how far from my house, I felt someone’s hands around my waist. My first reaction was to scream…I yelled my lungs out, started hitting this stranger until I broke free and then I ran . I ran as quickly as my already tired legs could carry me(which wasn’t fast at all)  but he was hot on my heels(he was really fast). He caught up with me too quickly. By then I had managed to attract so much attention to us. I started yelling all sorts. He just smiled (the kind of smile you’d give when you pity someone) and whispered “You’re stained”.
At that point I just stared wide-eyed at him. All my thoughts ran into one another and ended like a train wreck. I was still staring when he took off his shirt and wrapped it around my waist. Apparently,the red flag had decided to fly at full mast without prior warning (I never really got any warning…my cycle is so irregular I just stopped trying to calculate). And those evil people around couldn’t tell me! I can’t remember how many sorry’s I said but I remember repeating them.
Sweet as he was he just laughed off my earlier onslaught (even though I had scratched at his face with my Mother Gagool’s nails) , explained he had been driving by and noticed the stain on my pants and decided to help. He drove me back home and we have been great friends ever since. That’s hardly a romantic tale yeah? Lol
I’m trying to convince myself I’m making progress but the truth is I’m not. I take one step in being open with him and I regress with four steps. I’m tired really but he understands….even when I don’t. And he  hasn’t made any move to asking me out…yet. I know he will…I always do. The question now is would I be ready for him when he asks me?


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