Another youth cut in his prime,
Another dream cut short,
Another night being black is a crime,
Another night injustice’s metered at the court.

Another mother’s tears free flowing,
Another nation shaken, broken,
Another wife sentenced to mourning,
Another child’s life taken.

The screens are filled with blood,
The world’s filled with hate,
The world’s ravaged by flood,
Too much pain for my heart to accommodate.

The news is heartbreaking,
Tv off, I shut it all out.
Headsets on, music banging,
I can’t bear to watch, so I shut it all out.


5 thoughts on “I SHUT IT ALL OUT

  1. Ramsey Bimbola Gold says:

    TV off buh the replay is in my head… another loss another pain, another blast another downpour of salty waters. another feud another blood bath… another fixture another loss…

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