The awareness poem

This is an abridged version of a poem I wrote sometime in 2008 for an HIV awareness poetry competition. The original is quite longer. Just found it and I thought to share with you. Enjoy

She decided to be alone,
To be alone was what she wanted.
If only they had known,
She would never have been invited.
Foolishly, they sought her out,
And now we have to pay the price,
Of what we know naught about
‘Cos now her heart’s cold as ice.
Mercilessly, she takes out our potential greatests,
Slowly she kills our best dancers,
Erasing those who could have been our finest.
For this puzzle so compelling, we have no answers.
But the battle is not over yet,
Together we would fight her out,
Until our victorious yearnings are met,
And this aluta of ours won without a doubt.

What do you think?


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