Every office or job have their description as well as requirements and skills that would help a person execute this job to the fullest. While this is not to endorse “Side-chicksm” or anything it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen anyway.
The Main Chick is the GCFR of the relationship, the Side chick can to an extent mar that relationship territory. She could also be the alternative that is saving the Main Chick from a lot of stress.
No job is exactly a piece of cake. And like they say, whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well yeah? If you’re looking to assume office real soon, here’s a list of the things you need:

1- BED SKILLS: No, I’m not talking about how well you can sleep like a log of wood. Practically every guy I’ve asked have this as probably number 1 on the must-have list for a side chick; “great sex” .We’re talking skills his Main doesn’t have. We’re talking those “Mario” inducing kinda skills. Keep things interesting. This is your main responsibility.
2- DIVALICITY: No one wants a drab looking lady as a spare. Really, only the Main can get so comfortable as to get drab-looking. Always look your A-game. Always look like you’re strutting the runway. Expensive, probably…but worth it if you want your title. Look your best at all time!
3-OPEN, FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: Know to keep your schedule as flexible as possible, especially during holidays. This is not saying you should expect to be with him on Christmas, New Year’s eve,Valentine’s day. NO! Those days are custom-made for the Main, except of course something goes wrong and guess who the next resort is? You! So make plans for these days but make sure its something you can slip out of.
4-NAGOPHOBIC: You have to absolutely abhor nagging. You have no right to nag him. Do not be his stress point. He already has a girlfriend for that. He’s looking for comfort outside the home not another nag.
5- EMOTIONAL UNATTACHMENT: Let’s face it here, you’re just the spare. Never get your head into the “He’ll leave her for me” ideology. Give him space…don’t ever get clingy. Obsessing over him or the Main chick would send him far away from you.
6-KNOW NEVER TO HAVE “THE TALK”: Except you want him to go Hussein Bolt on you, never ever in the history of ever have “the talk” or ask “the questions”. Things like “What are we doing?” “Where is this heading?” “Do you love me?” “Who do you like better, me or her?” and so on MUST NEVER come up. Although some people have been lucky to move from Side Chick to Main, it doesn’t mean you would too.

That pretty much covers all the grounds. If you’ve ticked every item on this list, then you are ready for business. If you still have shortcomings work them and be that ideal candidate for the Office of the Side Chick.

If anything’s not on the list, do use the comment box and educate us.



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