Heart’s near tearing the ribcage,
Things are turning ugly fast,
Last sight of normalcy was probably ice age,
Ah! The quiet crawls in at last!
This silence so pleasing to my ears.
The sound of nothing; what soothing music!
Then quick as it came it disappears,
It leaves again; just classic.
Why I’m so scared, I do not know,
This meaningless fear I can’t explain.
With every sound it continues to grow,
From piercing my soul,this monster can’t refrain.
Pain and hurt covered with smiles,
No one has to know how much I suffer inside.
Hurt cannot be smelth from a million miles
So my feelings are not so hard to hide.
Tears overflow the bank of my eyes,
Hot salty tears that sting so bad.
Still…the fear only intensifies.
When did this become of my life,
When was it ruled by this monster,
When’d it become a place despair was rife?
Sanity awaits the end of its revelry
Just one answer I need in this earthly hell,
One choice to make in all of this insanity,
Am I to yell or not to yell?


2 thoughts on “TO YELL OR NOT TO YELL

  1. Ramsey Bimbola Gold says:

    Deep! Very deep…the morning isn’t far away the cock will announce it in a bit…hang on its a quarter to relief

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