I started this post sometime last year but for some reason I never got around to finishing or publishing …but then here goes.

So my mind has, for some reason, not been at rest since the UNDISPUTED awards. This might seem a little far-fetched to some but its the truth. I learned a lot from that little “episode” ; some good, some bad and the others,well ….let’s leave it at that. Here’s a small list of those lessons:
1-Remember those things you always  wanted to do but for some very awkward (and now that you think of it probably silly) reason you never got around to doing them? Well now is the time to start. Time really waits for no one. People might rubbish your dreams, people might put you down but do not for any reason accept defeat before you set out. In fact, never accept defeat. Keep at it and the sky’s only going to be a stepping stone.
2- Even the smallest of your actions can touch someone’s life. The hours I spent at that award ceremony gave birth to this blog. And even though the first post came in months after, it doesn’t change the fact that just that event pushed me to “act”. Never underestimate the power of your actions. You never can tell which one would push someone to commit suicide or which would help a person succeed.
3- Appreciation goes a long way. It wasn’t “just an award”. It was a “Your good work has been noticed and here’s a token of appreciation. Keep up the good work”. Here’s one thing I believe, the people that got these awards would want to work harder. Always show appreciation no matter how little the task you see someone is doing. That little “well done” could make that cleaner you see wiping glass do such a good job your teeth’d be shining in the glass.
On the final note, this might come as silly but hey, we already said the silly part from the word “go” yeah? Its directed more to the ladies. Biko reduce your yanga every once in a while. You never can tell who that boy “chyking” you is o. Some chics were really regretting not paying heed to a guy that came on to them. He apparently happened to be an “OAU celeb”….Not to say you should go after a guy cos of his name or anything. But then, every once in a while it won’t hurt to actually say hi without attitude when a guy says hi to you.

That said, this sums up the little I remembered from what was supposed to be on here. Pardon my memory and the shortness…I mean,its been over a year. Have yourselves a blessed day :*



  1. montana says:

    Procrastination….always a bad idea! However,the women ish…c’mon I doubt if that would ever stop so I guess they are gonna have to keep on regreting!

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